Friday, September 11, 2015

Updating My Top Tens For 2014/2015 Photos - Cochrane Location top Ten

I have a few locations where I often see a couch. 
At this one the presentation can be nice or terrible.
From the 30 or so to choose from here are my top ten.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Updating My Top Tens For 2014/2015 Photos - Google Street View Couches

Another set that I  am not really updating as I never did this top ten before. The number one  was found  in 2011 from a Google Street view taken May 2009 - which I was able to deduce from my photo of this same couch. I did a series of blog posts in June 2011 where I showed 9 couches I found on Google streetview that I had taken a picture of the same couch.
from May 2015
number 3 and 4 I did not get a photo of the actual couch myself but they were on my standard bike route and I do find the composition I was able to make is better than the older ones

not one of the original nine found and blogged about in June 2011
the last five were all  from the original batch that I found 

only someone who knew this couch was there would be able to find it